Companies across the country have come to understand that the roof above is critical to protecting the business below. Don't let a small leak turn into a big headache—call Brettco Commercial Roofing for fast, affordable commercial roofing maintenance and repairs. Contact us today for a free inspection and competitive roof quote for your commercial, industrial or institutional roofing project. Brettco Commercial Roofing is experienced with modern day roofing products and application techniques to provide high-performance, worry-free roofing systems.

From leak repairs to replacement projects, Brettco Commercial Roofing has the experience and product knowledge to recommend the best roofing solution to meet your need and budget.

Brettco Roofing is a MWBE, TxHub, WOSB, SBE & DBE certified company.



As a home or building owner, you have a number of choices when it comes to selecting a low or
flat roof system . At Brettco, we've found that an educated owner is our best customer, so we're happy to explain the roofing system that's right for you in greater detail. Contact us.

Roofing Systems


For flat or low-slope rooflines, built-up systems require quality manufactured roofing products, the right specifications and asphalt temperature to ensure the roof is built to last.


For sloped roofs, composition shingles are an economical and attractive option. Brettco Roofing has installed 1,000's of composition roofs since 1988 and carries a wide selection of products available for this roof type.


A durable and energy-efficient roofing option, metal roofs carry warranties of up to 30 years. and are quickly becoming a desirable alternative to traditional composition shingles. Along with its many advantages over conventional roofing, it is now available in several styles and designer colors, allowing you to add beauty and value to your home.


These non-asphalt based roofing membranes meet "cool roof" standards, reflecting the sun's rays and helping you maintain cooler temperatures inside your home.


Brettco Roofing has established a reputation for our skilled installation of concrete, clay and slate tile roofing systems.